A Costume Drama

This was an end of year celebration of acting and costume.  My co-directors and I had the challenge of taking all the costumes designed and made by the third year Costume with Performance Design students and creating a show that would show off their costumes and our actors.  Ellie Nixon, Petronilla Whitfield and I settled on a story about two children who find a magical book in a disused theatre and it takes them on an epic adventure visiting different fantastical lands.  We split the direction three ways as the task was just too big for one director to take on.  While Ellie got the Seraglio costumes and Petronilla got the hip-hop Shakespeare costumes, I got lumped with the rag-tag

collection of “everything else”. So I had to find a way to link The Joker from Batman with the Queen of Hearts, a Dryad, and twenty-odd other completely unconnected characters.  I settled on the court of the Queen of Hearts in a world not unlike that of the Rocky Horror Picture Show….and we finished our 30 minute section with a raucous and hugely successful version of The Time Warp that had the 500 strong audience on their feet!  Really fun.  I did learn from that production though that every production must have ONE director who is looking after the whole, even if other directors are responsible for certain bits.  Co-directing is not easy. (2009)